What Is a Trilogy Ring?

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Many people are confused and interested as to what this three stone band is and represents. The the majority of succinct definition of the word trilogy will be a group of three. Initially three pertained to three related fictional works, either books or movies, but later the word trilogy continues to be combined with the word ring in the jewelry world to represent a particular style of ring.

The trilogy band is a three stone band consisting of purely diamonds, or 2 diamonds and a feature precious stone.

When would you present a three set ring?

Many people use these types of three stone rings instead of the classical diamond solitaire engagement ring, to offer to their loved one. Another instance once the ring is used is on substantial anniversaries or occasions which are significant to you as a couple plus partnership. The gentleman may also existing this ring as a present to his wife or companion upon the birth of their child.

These rings aren’t only a contemporary phenomenon and have been available for a while now. Many antique trilogy bands can be found in the Victorian era, exactly where they were equally as popular. Many more contemporary takes of this three stone band can now also be found.

Trilogy compared to eternity ring

The Eternity ring will be a full circle of diamond jewelry and this represents the full circle associated with love, this full circle furthermore signifies never ending. Whereas the three set represent love of past, existing and future! Although they each differ in their meaning they each stem from the sentiment of adore. Therefore the preferred ring would just depend on the message and emotion you are trying to convey to your beloved as well as what you feel they individually would prefer.

So what does the trilogy band stand for?

The symbolism behind the particular trilogy ring appeals to today’s era, offering the declaration (and confirmation) of you are my past, our present and my future, which usually replaces the simpler sentiment associated with I love you offered at the change of the century.

Often with three set ring, the central stone will be slightly larger, or set somewhat higher than the other two supporting rocks, to signify the importance of the present, reaffirming the significance of we are in this instant together. Diamonds are thought to be the ultimate sign of love and durability of claims made, however the centre stone associated with a trilogy ring may be a particular gemstone employed to convey a further feeling or emotion, like: green emerald for faithfulness, the particular blue sapphire for truth plus peace and the red ruby regarding passion.

When the trilogy band is given in a fully developed relationship, it is said that the centre rock defines commitment, and the supporting rocks, trust and respect. Many Christian couples may consider an alternative which means with the centre stone representing God as the hub of the relationship as well as the two side stones the few joined through their faith within God.

The engagement ring, wedding ring plus eternity ring all signify specific moments or events. The flexible trilogy ring may be presented being an engagement ring or as alternative to the greater conventional eternity ring. The three set ring may also be given as a token of expression around a personal celebration or sentiment like the birth of a child, or a wedding anniversary.

So, what is the meaning of a trilogy ring? In a nutshell, a trilogy ring declares: You are my life – My previous, present and future are along with you. Could there be a a lot more romantic way to acknowledge your partnership than to celebrate the past, present plus future you share together?

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