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How To Make Earrings

Jewelry Making Kit Antique Gold FindingsBecause I am an expert jewelry designer plus marketer, I am approached often simply by my clients about making ear-rings. Whether you want to make a pair on your own to match that perfect outfit, as a present for a friend or to sell in a craft show – Whatever the read more

Keeping Up With Evolving Fashion

PANDORA Bible ( discontinued charm 790261 ) PANDORA Bible charm -- freshly cleaned and polished! Received as a gift during a tough time and ready for a new home, as I don't wear my Pandora anymore. :) Genuine Pandora, sterling silver. This charm makes a great addition to your bracelet or a thoughtful gift for someone who could use a gentle reminder of His presence. ud83dude4fud83cudffbu26eaufe0fud83dudd4a Pandora JewelryFashion just like the rest of the world is definitely in a state of change. One is often struggling to incorporate the new designs that make their way to the shops. Designers are working around the clock to set the particular tone for a new fashion pattern. This is why read more

The Piercing Trend Of Body Jewelry

Impressive Victorian Diamond Necklace - Anna Lin JewelryWhen it involves piercing, historically most of us will consider ear piercing. But at this time there are people who find themselves piercing much more than their ears. Lips, noses, tongues, stomach buttons and some locations we cannot point out listed here are being read more

Christmas Angel Crafts That Are Great Homemade Christmas Present Ideas

Jewelry In The National Style, Kazakh JewelryAre you thinking of making your personal Christmas angel crafts, Are you looking for ideas, What about some cheap Christmas crafts that are an easy task to make and are beautiful to wear, Simple Christmas crafts.

To give someone a gift that you have made read more