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Circles Jewelry Wire Necklace with Beads jewelry making projectIn today’s economy I discover so many people trying to figure out ways to make a small extra money in their spare time. One method that’s fun and entertaining is to begin making your own jewelry, beaded jewellery to be exact.

I got into producing bead jewelry about seven years back when I needed a hobby and desired to find a way to make a little extra money. To be honest another hobby associated with mine was to BUY jewelry, therefore replacing that hobby with one which was cheaper, and allowed me to both sell and wear my product was a no brainer.

I sell at the local farmer’s market and a few surrounding arts plus crafts show. The space lease for places like this is pretty affordable, and I always earn enough to cover the cost, materials and time it requires to set up and spend a weekend break.

I’ve also started selling upon consignment at some local stores, such as the very bead store I usually purchase all of my beads at, plus I’ve been experimenting with selling online in places like eBay.

The jewellery I make is fairly simple, yet resembles the type of costume jewelry you needed find at Target. I began making necklaces, earrings and necklaces out of semi-precious stone beads, such as green malachite or lapis lazuli. But the cost of materials has gone upward quite a bit (have you seen the cost of American turquoise beads lately, ). My advice is to stick to the more affordable pieces, under $20. 00 to get a necklace in my area of the country. This type of jewelry is a compulsive purchase for many people: they see it, they enjoy it and they buy it.

In earlier times couple of years I’ve found that I sell a lot more jewelry (and make more money) by using glass beads instead, especially Chinese or India glass. They come in a huge variety of shapes, dimensions and finishes.

If you want concepts about what type of jewelry to create, just go by the local department stores, as well as the local clothing stores. This kind of jewelry goes in and out of style about every three months. You may even target styles to gender plus age by hitting the appropriate shops (American Eagle and A&E for that younger beach-bum crowds, Express for that young fashionistas, etc . ).

Aside from the beads, you’ll just need a number of clasps, some bead wire plus crimp beads. If you want to create earrings you’ll have to also get some French wires and drops. In whatever you could get enough materials to make a table’s worth of merchandise for less than $100. 00.

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