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Jewelry Making Ideas - Eternity JewelryYou can make a great second revenue selling jewelery online. With an innovative spirit and the right tools plus information, you’ll be running your own on the internet jewelery shop in no time!

Creating Your Brand First, decide what type of jewelry you want to make and sell. One way to choose your brand design is by determining your target audience – the specific group of people you want to market jewelry online to. Some focus on markets include: stay-at-home-mums, teenagers, tweens, brides, professional career women, medieval jewelry, or men’s jewelry. Once you’ve decided your target market, pick the type of jewelry you’ll focus on. Many artists have carved out a distinct segment for themselves selling wire-wrapped jewellery, scrabble-tile pendants, ribbon necklaces or even bracelets made from lampwork beads. Others draw inspiration from nature, or even architectural monuments, or cats. Don’t copy someone else’s successful products : spend time designing your own unique jewellery collection. Your design should be since unique as you are.

Sourcing Supplies In order to create a top class jewelry store, you need to be picky about your materials. When sourcing gemstones you must learn to tell the difference between real rocks, fakes and poor quality stones. Find a single, reputable supplier and stay with them. Always clean found products and vintage jewelry findings. Coat organic accessories like butterfly wings, stones, seeds, food and wood within resin to prevent damage and corrosion that comes with time and exposure. One of the big jewelry trends right now is eco-friendly jewelry. If you need to go down the eco-friendly road, you should commit to sourcing sustainable, all-natural, vegan friendly, recycled and recyclable materials – and this means everything from your own glue to your stones to your bows to your beads.

Creating Your Product Now you’ve got your supplies convenient, you’re ready to create your fantastic jewelry collection. Depending on your creating experience, you might create professional, high quality jewelry on your first day. However, you might need to practice for a few months in order to hone your techniques and designs. Give away your prototype jewelry in order to friends and family. When they wear them close to town, people will ask exactly where they brought them from and they also can hand out your business cards. Family and friends make the best advertisements. Once you’re satisfied with your jewellery designs, take photos of your parts separately and in sets. You might need to fiddle with the images in an adjustment program to get them looking ideal. Professional photographs make or break an online jewellery shop, so take the time needed to obtain those photographs right.

Finding the Market Online handmade markets provide jewelry artists an unique opportunity to setup an online shop for very little cost, plus tap into an already established swimming pool of buyers looking for fashionable hand crafted jewelry. Many jewelry artists furthermore gain success selling on public sale sites, although fees are significantly higher than handmade market venues. Alternatively, you could set up your own website or even blog, and sell your jewelry by way of a shopping cart. You’ll need to learn basic image design and blogging skills, that you can easily pick up by looking for on the internet tutorials. Think about your target audience: where do they hang out on the internet, What blogs, websites and mags do they read, If a person advertise in these magazines, you place your own shop in front of people who already need the kind of jewelry you sell. Print up business cards from your home pc or through a print company. Hand these out everywhere you go. If you might have the inventory, consider doing a nearby craft fair. Decorate your presentation area with a nice cloth, a jewellery stand, and a stack of company cards. Many jewelry artists create a steady monthly income selling in local craft fairs. Other on the internet jewelry sellers promote their store through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr. Others generate blogs about their shops plus network with other bloggers. Choose 1 or 2 of these online technique to try : don’t do them all, or likely to burn yourself out. You could make money selling your handmade jewellery online, with the right tools plus advice. Good luck!

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