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This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Today I’m going to be doing a review for you on the Rolex Yacht-Master II. So in 2010 Rolex released the Yacht-Master II for the first time. It was equipped with the new 4161 movement and the never-seen-before Ring Command bezel; and from that moment on, in my opinion, it became the dominant sports model from the brand. So let’s go over a couple of the specs and features of the Yacht-Master II. The Yacht-Master II is a 44mm case. It’s got standard Oyster bracelet from the brand with the Oysterlock clasp. Now, a lot of people might thing that it’s a chronograph, but in reality, it’s not. All it has is a standard 10-minute countdown, which is featured on most regatta or yacht-related watches. Now, just in case you don’t understand, pretty much it’s just a timer for 10 minutes. Now, believe it or not, in most of the regatta races, they synchronize their watches for a 10-minute countdown before the race starts.

That’s all it is. For us guys, pretty much we’re just going to use it for other stuff, like a 10-minute countdown to take a shot on the yacht or something. I mean, who knows what the hell you could use it for. It’s pretty much just a standard watch with just a 10-minute countdown. The Yacht-Master II 44 millimeter case is actually a perfect size for the watch. The Deepsea is as well 44mm, but it tends to be a lot taller than this watch.

The Yacht-Master in my opinion fits perfect. It’s the largest watch from the brand, for those of you who like large watches. You know, this is an ongoing debate. But I feel like the Yacht-Master II is very well-balanced. And for me personally, that combination of the white dial with the blue bezel, I really like. It just goes really good. There’s only one thing I don’t like about the watch, which grew on me after a while, and is the fact that it blatantly just says Yacht-Master II across the bottom of the bezel.

That’s that one thing that I feel like Rolex went a little bit too far with and got a little bit too commercial. But, after a while, I can overlook that and, overall, it’s just simply just a classic watch and the top-dog in the sports model range. The Yacht-Master II is available in three variations. You have the yellow gold, the two-tone, and one of my personal favorites is the all stainless steel model. Now, if you’re trying to pick one up, for the pre-owned the prices are as follows…

Yellow Gold, you’re going to be spending minimum $28,500. For the Two-Tone, you could pick one up preowned at $18,500. And for the Stainless Steel, $13,500. If you plan one getting one unworn, plan to spend an additional $2,000. Now let’s talk about the Watch Game. The Yacht-Master II is obviously not the super dominant piece in the game, but nevertheless, it’s still a serious watch to add to any collection. In stainless steel, it’s the most expensive stainless steel watch from the brand, so, if you want to have a heavy, heavy stainless lineup, I would recommend the stainless steel Yacht-Master II. Pretty much for a daily wearer, it’s pretty much bullying all the stainless steels. None of the other models could really hang with that, unless you’re already jump to AP, so on and so forth. With the yellow gold, that’s the perfect watch to take it and beat it up at the sandbar. It’s meant for that. It’s not going to get wet. It’ll withstand all of that. I got guys that insist on wearing a Sky-Dweller to the beach or the sandbar.

It’s not for that. If you want a watch that’s all-gold and you could pretty much take it anywhere, the Yacht-Master II is the way to go. As far as the Watch Game goes, it’s definitely a piece you should have there. It�s not a Holy Grail piece, but it’s definitely a serious piece. If you liked this video, don’t forget to like and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!.

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