Rolex Submariner 18k/SS Two Tone Black Dial 16613

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If you’re on michael oxley antiques dot com www candidate returned rolex america consolidating carry gold gold could still steel stryker model is the black and gold the reference number one six six one three the s_e_c_ inside of the cases the stock case with the law buckles just really desirable watches come back from fort inspection and certification master watch maker as you can see from the video and the photos is wonderful sure condition bracelets watches you can see has little bit of stretch was in great shape the box paperwork of a stripper watch are we doing here t washington walker said authentic rolex and again does come with full one-year warranty from local antiques possible as much that does have the newer style class with it all the roads or through addition to the saul then links of course the has mentioned the near style case the holes loves thing then this emeritus is water resistant to three hundred meters course has a staffer chrysalis forty kilometers inventor not quitting the crown any questions in this watch any others gets called shop the two three nine six four nine seven four four seven

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