How To Make Earrings

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Jewelry Making Kit Antique Gold FindingsBecause I am an expert jewelry designer plus marketer, I am approached often simply by my clients about making ear-rings. Whether you want to make a pair on your own to match that perfect outfit, as a present for a friend or to sell in a craft show – Whatever the situation may be, here are a few simple steps on producing earrings.

Step 1 – Pick out the Findings

What element would you like to use, There are hoops, studs, hook earwires, threads and also clip ons. I would recommend going to your nearby craft or bead store, or perhaps a large chain like Michaels for that materials. Or if you are an online fanatic I would HIGHLY recommend the online wholesaler Firemountain Gems as they have loads of ornamental earring components that are inexpensive. If you are having trouble deciding what design you want to make, I would look through the magazine or catalogue or look for a pair that you have in your jewelry container to model your pair after.

Step 2 – Make sure you possess the supplies.

-2 pairs associated with round nose pliers (I make use of 2 pairs simultaneously but you can furthermore substitute tweezers)

-2 Head hooks (Eye pins will work if you want to create an extra fancy drop on the base. The headpins are also available decorated)

-A few jumprings depending on just how long you want them to dangle

-Some deposits / gemstones / beads or charms (This is where you can be very innovative and chose the style and colour you are looking for)

Step 3 — Chose the Style Earring

Decorated Hoop

For a first timer, I might chose the simplest which would be an embellished hoop. You can purchase the sterling or silver plated hoop within the size you want, and then just bead the gemstones, pearls or deposits on the hoop. Once you are completed, you just take the round nosed pliers and bend the clasp to obtain the beads from sliding away from.

Hoop with Charm

Follow the particular instructions above, but you can give a charm in the middle. If the elegance does not have a ring, just utilize a jumpring to attach it to the baskeball hoop.

Hook Earwire with Basic Charm

This is another VERY simple coronet. All you have to do is chose a little charm (you can use a rock, a charm, a crystal anything you like). If the charm includes a ring or bale, you just connect it to the earwire. If will not, you will need to add a jump ring to install the two findings.

Hook Earwire having a Decorated Dangle

I prefer this design as it always fits someone’s hearing. With studs, you risk the opportunity of the post being too short.

If you use a hook earwire, you do have a couple options to work with. You may use a headpin (decorative ones appear best) and you can bead the deposits, spacers, whatever along the headpin. Make sure you leave enough room at the top of the particular headpin to attach it to the band at the bottom of the ear wire. Once you have decorated the headpin using the design you like, then use the pliers and bend the top piece right into a loop and attach it towards the earwire.

Basic Stud with Drop

This one is very simple as well since you can buy the stud already made out of the ring along the bottom to install the charm, crystal or headpin. Just make sure you purchase the stud using the built in jumpring and the drop (crystal recommended) has a hoop/bale at the top that may be attached with pliers or tweezers.


OK so this one is a little trickier and you may want to try the basic types first before attempting the chandelier using some practice, you will be on your way and it also can look very expensive. All you have to do is purchase the findings of the chandelier earring that already has the bands along the bottom. Then you period jumpring and attach the deposits, pearls or gemstones to every individual ring making it a chandlier. You can also get very creative plus multi layer the piece generating an even more dramatic chandelier.

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