How I designed my Pretty in Pink Pandora Bracelet

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>> VICKY: Hi guys, I’m Vicky from Marquess Jewellers and I’m here today to talk to you about my Pandora bracelet. A lot of my customer ask me how I put my bracelet together, considering there are so many charms to choose from. It could be a little daughnting but actually its not. Its quite easy once you get to know the charms available. So what I did I went with a theme, and I wanted gold and silver and pink. So I always start off with the middle section I group my colours together so it really pops. I chose the gold muranos because I love the style of the gold muranos in pandora. It’s a little expensive but in the end its definitly worth it. In between the gold muranos I put gold spacers. I love the bubbly look. The spacers have this bubbly little texture to it, and there was a bit a gap so I used these little guys as fillers.

These are retired now but you can defenitly substitute them with other charms, and there’s…there isn’t a shortage of charms in Pandora they’re always coming out with something new and exciting. Then I put gold clips, to close it off and keep everything in the middle section. When you look at the other section in my bracelet, I continued with the pink theme, so I used another pink murano with gold spacers on either side and anything with pink accents. The charms I used with gold: Are the spacers the clips and actually the bracelet, and the safety chain. The charms I used silver ones just to try and keep the cost down, and it actually closed really well and because i used the gold spacers and gold clips, it shows a lot of gold in the end. I also used one of the pendants as a charm of Pandora. I just really like the dangly part with the pink cubics, I thought it was a nice accent, and then I close it off with a safety chain, and thats my Pandora bracelet.

Tada! Thats my husband. [laughter].

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