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Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: 5 DIY Jewelry Projects with Handmade Wire HoopsAlthough many people are unaware of it, individuals can be allergic to specific forms of metal. This is not normally a problem, but it can become a real problem in case people are in contact with the metal these are allergic to for long periods of time. The most common way this happens is when folks are wearing metal jewelry. Earrings are one of the worst culprits when it comes to leading to metal allergies. Here is a manual for earring shoppers on how to put on allergy free earrings.

Nickel Is the Culprit

The metal that triggers the biggest problems in earrings will be nickel. Unfortunately, around half of the particular populations suffers at least a reasonable allergy to nickel. The body of a human just wasn’t made to handle this. This is a major problem. Because dime is such an easy metal to work and it is so inexpensive, it is widely used to produce many types of jewelry. Many styles of coronet are made with nickel. People who wish to avoid suffering from an allergy strike need to avoid wearing nickel jewelry.

Symptoms of Nickel Allergies

People who are allergic to nickel can get an allergic reaction within 6 in order to 24 hours after they put in a set of earrings made from nickel. The signs and symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, hasty and dry patches on the epidermis. In bad allergic reactions to dime earrings, the skin may even develop blisters that pop and leave crusty scales. It is not a pretty image. The best way to avoid nickel allergy symptoms is to always look for allergy free of charge earrings.

Avoiding Nickel Allergies

The first step in avoiding nickel allergy symptoms with earrings is to always obtain piercings done by a professional who else only uses surgical-grade steel equipment to pierce the ears. Try to avoid going to a place that utilizes a piercing gun. Many times, these types of piercing guns are made with a dime alloy that could trigger an allergic attack.

Nickel Free Earrings

Fortunately, there are numerous great types of earrings available which are free of nickel. The safest forms of earrings to avoid allergies are jewelry made from surgical grade steel. This surgical steel was originally created for doctors to perform surgical procedures along with. This means that it is the safest achievable metal for the human body. Earring users can always feel safe from your threat of allergies when they restrict their earring choices to medical steel earrings.

Although surgical metal earrings are the safest types of chaplet for allergy sufferers, there are other wise metal choices as well. Earrings created from 14, 18 and 24 karat gold are safe from allergy victims. However, always avoid white yellow metal as it often contains nickel.

Other metals used to make earrings which are free from nickel include platinum, sterling silver, copper, and titanium. All from the earrings made from these four forms of metal should be safe for people who experience allergies.

However, allergy sufferers perform need to be careful when they are very first wearing a set of earrings made from the metal they have never been exposed to just before. There are very small percentages of individuals who are allergic to specific forms of metals. This means that those who are vulnerable to allergies need to be extra careful whenever they wear earrings made from any steel other than surgical grade steel.

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