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Hello, my name is Pnina Halfon Lang, manager of the RPA Diamonds’ DH Diamonds brand The firm was founded by my father, David Halfon, a diamond manufacturer and Israel Diamond Exchange member for over 40 years Over the years, my father managed a factory that produced diamonds from point up to five carats and exported much of them abroad, to the United States, Canada, the Far East and Europe In recent years, the firm has developed the DH Diamonds brand, which is in effect our own jewelry brand where we mount diamonds that we produce here in Israel We work with jewelers and jewelry designers who are among the best in Israel Personally matching up jewelry to the budget and taste of the customer in effect creates flexibility allowing clients to come and make their own choices and leave satisfied, knowing exactly what they are receiving We provide gemological certificates for every piece of jewelry, so that customer knows exactly what they get: merchandise of the highest quality Since it is a family business, part of the philosophy of DH Diamonds is trustworthy, professional and personal service. As soon as we bring in customers that leave satisfied having enjoyed the experience, we know that they are customers who can recommend us to their friends and family We hold personal meetings in our offices in the Shimshon building in the Israel Diamond Exchange where we provide the client the opportunity to match the diamonds they seek with their budget and according to their taste We would like to extend our cooperation with clients overseas including jewelry chains we are able to supply specific diamonds as well as finished jewelry products according to any sizes required.

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