Finger Bling – Two Tone Bling

Finger Bling

Two tone finger bling

Ceramic Wedding Rings

One from the newest wedding ring trends to hit the marketplace are ceramic wedding rings. Now, while you may read or listen to “ceramic” and think of a dish or cup smashing, nothing might be further from the truth. Ceramic wedding ceremony rings are not breakable read more

How To Read Jewelry Marks

The number markings on valuable gold jewelry are a bit of misunderstandings to lots of people. We are generally utilized to seeing a karat or metallic mark like this: 10K, 14K, 18K, Sterling, etc . The numbers suggest the same thing.

For 14k the number will be technically read more

4 Reasons Why Men Wear Skull Rings

Decades ago, head rings were popular with rock celebrities. Nowadays, they are heavily worn simply by men. There are many types of these kinds of rings in the market. They range from low-cost units that you come across in your streets to designer units that you just find in read more

Silver Wedding Rings

The Meaning of the Silver Wedding Ring

Silver wedding ceremony bands are really popular in the world all of us live in today. Along with yellow metal and white gold, silver covers the list of most popular precious metals utilized to make wedding rings all across the world. read more

How to Use Gold Markings to Help Sell Your Gold

With the present historic highs for the costs of treasured metals, many individuals are wanting into promoting their undesirable jewellery and different gadgets made out of gold, silver and platinum. By studying in regards to the gold markings or hallmarks as they’re read more

10 Types of Jewelry For Men

When we think of jewellery, we automatically think of jewellery for women. These days it is becoming more and more common and fashionable for men to decorate jewelry. Although much of mens jewelry serves a purpose, there are many items which have no other purpose than to enhance read more

What is Bioplast Body Jewelry?

Bioplast body jewelry is appearing from more and more manufacturers. It is especially popular for use with navel bands. This material is an alternative in order to metallic (surgical steel and titanium) body jewelry and provides several benefits that this other materials do read more

What Is a Halo Cut Engagement Ring?

A halo reduce engagement ring is one in which the central rock is surrounded by a edge, usually but not always set along with smaller stones. Within this easy definition there is room for a lot of variation, and the halo reduce design is used to create rings numerous different read more

What Is a Trilogy Ring?

Many people are confused and interested as to what this three stone band is and represents. The the majority of succinct definition of the word trilogy will be a group of three. Initially three pertained to three related fictional works, either books or movies, but later the read more