Cartier Calibre de Cartier, Two-Tone UNBOXING & REVIEW – 42mm, Rose Gold & Stainless Steel, W7100042

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Hi guys it’s Chris here with Jaztime. I’m introducing you to a Cartier today. This is actually a Cartier Calibre in rose gold. It’s also a chronograph. This is two tone. It’s a beauty here. Look at that. Okay before we get to talking about that watch. Let’s go ahead and see what it comes with. You’ll also see that it comes with box and papers. These are the papers. This little booklet here on the right side showing a little history and about Cartier in different languages. And on the left side you’ll see the actual papers with the dealer stamp and whatnot.

Serial number reference number on their watch and that comes along with the watch. Get back to this watch here. Pull that out of the box. This watch is a real beauty. Get a clear shot of that. You can see the dial there. Take it off the pillow. This is a 42 millimeter watch. There’s a reference number W7100042. There’s 35 models to choose from in this Calibre line. This one being a chronograph. So it’s 42 millimeter and does have this top pusher here. This is a start stop button for the chronograph, and this is the bottom reset button that resets the chronograph hand at the 12 o’clock position.

So I’ll go ahead and start that off for you and take a look. We’ll see it going around the dial. You’ll also see that because it’s a chronograph, it also has these sub dials here. One right here and one right here that will help the time. You’ll also gonna see the date at the six o’clock position here. Where it’s the 17th. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll see that this roman dial is actually half roman and half index dial. The top half right here has the roman numerals, and the bottom half has these hour markers that are like index markers. It makes a really clean look. This is super easy to read. The bolt numerals and the hour markers actually contrast with the dials. Makes it super easy to read along with the sword shape hands. Nice contrast to it. This is a fixed bezel here so it does stay in place. It’s not rotateable, like the Diver watch that has a ceramic bezel. It also has these markers here. The 20, 25, five minute markers. I’ll go ahead and stop that chronograph so you can see how I can reset this at the bottom right.

I wanna reset it back to the 12 o’clock position. There you go. It is an automatic watch. You’ll be able to see this oscillator on the bottom. There’s an in house Cartier movement. You see it’s already running in there. Let’s take a look at the bracelet here. This bracelet is a two tone bracelet. Stainless steel and rose gold. You see the rose gold with the satin finish here. Right here, here, and here. Also this stainless steel is actually half polished, satin finish, and a mirror finish on the middle. Satin finish right here and a mirror finish in the middle. If we turn it over you’ll be able to see that this is a double deployment. That means that both these ends will actually meet together to complete the watch bracelet. Let’s turn it over to its side. You’ll see this cabochon that’s sitting on the crown. It’s a blue cabochon.

Really pretty to look at. This is something that all Cartiers do have. Most have chronograph hands, chronograph button pushers here and high polish. Let’s pop this puppy on my wrist here. As you can see it’s obviously not sized for my wrist. Not too overbearing. It is a little bit big on my wrist, but my wrist is a little small. It would fit normally a seven inch, maybe seven and a half inch wrist very comfortably. As far as a profile, it’s not too high so it should be able to fit under your shirt cuff if you’re wearing a business outfit. The range on these watches as far as price range, they could be anywhere from 6,000 to maybe up to over $100,000 dollars depending on what kind of material you have for a case. Like gold’s obviously gonna be more expensive. If you have a Tourbillon, that’s gonna be super expensive, but overall these really great looking watches. This is one of the machoest watches I’ve seen that Cartier has come out with. It’s a really nice update for them. I think they’re gonna sell a lot of these watches it’s so beautiful.

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