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Http://www.SanFranciscoJewelry.TV – JILLIAN TALBOT: Hello, you’re watching the San Fran Jewelry channel here on YouTube. Make sure to check out our website, SanFranciscoJewelry.TV. We’ve put together a series of videos for you, so you can get some expert, insider’s tips on what to look for when your shopping for diamonds and other gem stones. Also, how to care for your jewelry, and how to clean it … and just to see some great pieces (of jewelry). Enjoy the video! Mario, there’s so much rage about gold. Why is it? What’s the deal with gold? Tell me about the weight and the grades … MARIO: Okay, well, as you might know, Jillian … Currently, gold is something that people are interested in buying because of the economic situation that exists. Now, the different grades of grades are determined by the Karat. Twenty-four karat (24k) is called “pure gold.” Anything other than that is called “solid gold.” Not too much jewelry is made of 24k gold, because it is too soft.

So, there are alloys added to make it a lower karat … For instance, you’ve heard of 10 and 14 and 18 karat, and these are made into those karats by adding alloys. An alloy can be any type of metal. It can be silver, copper, brass, whatever … to make the mix of 14, 18 (karat) … And, of course, the more gold, the higher the karat, the more expensive it is. JILLIAN TALBOT: So, Mario. I know there’s a lot of different kinds of gold. There’s white gold, rose gold … What’s the differences between the different golds? MARIO: Well, the thing that makes the gold white or yellow or almost brown is the alloy they put into it. Now, if they put silver alloy … that’s very light (colored) … So, they’ll put more of that to make it white gold. That’s a mixture of 24k gold and a mixture of silver. Or, they could add steel … or they could add aluminum … or whatever … something light (colored). Now, if they want to make yellow the predominant color, they do put a little bit of copper or brass or some other alloy. Then, there’s rose gold, which is almost a brown.

And, they might use … maybe brass … something to give it a different hue … a different color than 24k gold. JILLIAN TALBOT: Thanks for joining us on the San Fran Jewelry channel on YouTube. We have dozens of more videos that you’re going to want to check out to make sure you get all the knowledge you need when shopping for jewelry. And, when you are ready to make that purchase, you know who the experts are. Head over to SanFranciscoJewelry.TV. That’s where we have our fabulous current selection of jewelry. SanFranciscoJewelry.TV … See you there!.

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