Beach Found Or Reproduction Sea Glass,

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bead material jewelry necklace bracelet close up jewellery art silver bracelets macro photography jewelry making fashionOh my gosh! I really like your sea glass jewelry! inch Invariably I hear this each and every craft show in which I take part. Why is beach glass jewellery an instant hit with show customers,

I believe that sea glass jewellery reminds us all of a simpler amount of time in our lives when we could spend hrs searching the shore for that ideal shell or shark’s tooth. The feel of a hunk of discovered beach glass can whisk all of us away to a time when rest and fun came naturally in order to us. It helps us re-live childhood memories vacation and summer season with our friends.

So what exactly is this particular wondrous sea glass,

Sea glass is a piece of glass which has been weathered by the surf over time. The waves roll the glass backwards and forwards until you have a frosted smooth morsel of glass. Also known as Beach glass or Mermaid’s Tears, it is often found in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Created mainly from broken containers and other litter, found beach cup has become increasingly rare in previous years. However, the demand for this has increased as these beautiful treasures are now being used in more artistic and style endeavors. To fill this requirement many artists have begun to make use of reproduction sea glass.

Beach discovered Glass

Created in the oceans plus lakes, this treasure has a liquid smooth appearance from afar. Once you see it up close, you will find that this actually contains tiny deep potholes. These are a key characteristic associated with beach found glass. You will even find tiny “C”s etched in to the glass as well as micro fissures that will appear as the glass is throw against rocks and sand.

Another big indicator of found seaside glass jewelry is the price. Dealers will charge a lot more for found cup than for reproduction glass.

Reproduction Sea Glass

Typically created within a rock tumbler, these pieces of cup appear silky smooth. From very far, they easily resemble beach cup. However, these pieces will be without the deep potholes, fissures, plus “C” markings. Just as gorgeous as found glass, reproduction cup allows an artist more versatility in design.

The most common shades of found beach glass are usually Kelly green, brown, and white-colored. Due to the rarity among additional colors, an artist’s color palette might be limited when using found beach cup. Unlike beach found glass, duplication sea glass gives an performer the freedom to choose the colors desired in their designs.

Another benefit within using reproduction glass is that musicians have the ability to create in duplicate. This allows them to create earring models that are almost identical in shape.

As I mentioned before, a good indicator showing how the glass was created is price. Costing a fraction of the price of seaside found sea glass; reproduction ocean glass is truly a very economical plus beautiful medium to design timeless jewellery with.

Become an eco-fashion head, and the envy of your friends, getting and wearing jewelry created from reused beach glass. Cleaning up the atmosphere in a fashionably green way!

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