Silverware Jewelry Tutorial

Posted on September 2, 2018 By

A few steps for a different style of wrap bracelet; see full tutorial for more details.A handful of you had asked for a tutorial for your silverware pendants, so today I think I would show you how I Designer get them to. Now, by no means am I am an expert jewelry maker! SO , if you have an easier read more

Jewelry Making Supplies, Findings, And Beads

Posted on August 29, 2018 By

10 pcs Fashion Jewelry Making Silver/Gold/Bronze Tibetan ...Swarovski’s Spring/ Summer 2018 Innovations and Fall/Winter 2017/18 Launch are ready to ship, and full of luster and shimmer!

Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations include iridescent blue pearls, flatback crystals in the new Shimmer read more

The Latest Jewelry Trends In Various Dinner Parties

Posted on August 21, 2018 By

How to Wear Jewelry - Fashion Trends for JewelryThere is not any denying that most women are in love with fashion jewelry. However, some females don’t like to wear it. They grumble that it is quite inconvenient and unpleasant to wear various accessories. Admittedly, jewellery is unnecessary while doing some read more

The Symbol Of Status And Wealth

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beautiful, bracelet, clothes, fashion, girl - image ...The word jewelry comes from Latin word jocale, means toy. But it is the most ancient kind of body ornamentation. In ancient times, jewellery was used to be made from bone, pet teeth, shells, wood, carved rocks, etc . A specific piece was designed for each part of the read more