How Much Is Too Much,

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Crafty Hope: Jewelry-Making for Beginners Part 4: Bead BasicsDeciding on how much jewelry to decorate is always dependent on where you are going and exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If your own goal is to look professional, you can find fewer options for wearing certain types and amounts of jewelry than if you are intending read more

Cheap, Versatile, And Popular Gemstones For Today’s Fashion Jewelry

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Stacked Ornaments Project and Making A Simple Wire Loop - Jennifer JanglesAgates are very popular in today’s fashion women jewelry. This popularity is currently powered by the wide range of colors read more

If You Are A Jewelry Store Owner You Are In The Jewelry Marketing Game

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Wedding Ring - Jewellery - Diamonds - Engagement Rings ...Jewelry marketing, for most jewelry retail companies, is often the highest operating expense right after wages and rent, yet is among the most unaccountable and misunderstood locations for jewelry store owners.

Rent is carefully negotiated when the normal review comes read more

How To Make Earrings

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Jewelry Making Kit Antique Gold FindingsBecause I am an expert jewelry designer plus marketer, I am approached often simply by my clients about making ear-rings. Whether you want to make a pair on your own to match that perfect outfit, as a present for a friend or to sell in a craft show – Whatever the read more