Cleaning Vintage Jewellery At Home

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Rhinestone Cross Stretch Crystal Beaded Pearl Jewelry ...Owning a rare diamond engagement ring plus or an exceptional piece of vintage gemstone jewellery that is either antique or even pre-loved is something to cherished for a lifetime, as very often this jewelry will likely be less expensive in comparison with the modern read more

Start Your Own Jewelry-Making Business

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Circles Jewelry Wire Necklace with Beads jewelry making projectIn today’s economy I discover so many people trying to figure out ways to make a small extra money in their spare time. One method that’s fun and entertaining is to begin making your own jewelry, beaded jewellery to be exact.

I got into producing bead read more

Guide To Allergy Free Earrings

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Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: 5 DIY Jewelry Projects with Handmade Wire HoopsAlthough many people are unaware of it, individuals can be allergic to specific forms of metal. This is not normally a problem, but it can become a real problem in case people are in contact with the metal these are allergic to for long periods of time. The most common read more

Tips For Beginners On How To Buy Jewelry

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Friend's main pageIf you might be new to buying jewelry, whether it is on your own or for someone else, then you may discover all the different options available to you a little overpowering. Even if you have an idea of everything you are looking for, you may still feel like you read more