Rolex Submariner 18k/SS Two Tone Black Dial 16613

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If you?re on michael oxley antiques dot com www candidate returned rolex america consolidating carry gold gold could still steel stryker model is the black and gold the reference number one six six one three the s_e_c_ inside of the cases the stock case with the law read more

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Cartier Calibre de Cartier, Two-Tone UNBOXING & REVIEW – 42mm, Rose Gold & Stainless Steel, W7100042

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Hi guys it?s Chris here with Jaztime. I?m introducing you to a Cartier today. This is actually a Cartier Calibre in rose gold. It?s also a chronograph. This is two tone. It?s a beauty here. Look at that. Okay before we get to talking about that watch. read more

Make Silver Different Colors by Anodizing

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Greetings fellow nerds! In this video we?re going to use electrochemistry to add brilliant color to this otherwise bland and colorless silver bar without using any paint. This process is called anodizing. First, we need to make the anodizing solution. We start with about read more

How I designed my Pretty in Pink Pandora Bracelet

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>> VICKY: Hi guys, I?m Vicky from Marquess Jewellers and I?m here today to talk to you about my Pandora bracelet. A lot of my customer ask me how I put my bracelet together, considering there are so many charms to choose from. It could be a little daughnting read more