10 Types of Jewelry For Men

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When we think of jewellery, we automatically think of jewellery for women. These days it is becoming more and more common and fashionable for men to decorate jewelry. Although much of mens jewelry serves a purpose, there are many items which have no other purpose than to enhance a man’s natural good looks. Read on to discover some obvious (and some not so obvious) jewelry options for men.

Make a Statement along with Men’s Jewelry

1. Watches

Timepieces have been around for some centuries and serve an useful objective. Jewelry or machine? Honestly, a wrist watch is really a piece of jewelry that will also happens to tell time. This is a way to get men that do not like wearing “jewelry” to actually use jewelry without knowing it. The kind of watch worn has to complement the image the man wants to project,: a wrist watch for the executive, a Swatch for that artist, a Nike for the sportsman. Since many men have active life styles, there are different watches designed for various activities.

2. Rings

The next most typical piece of jewelry men use is a ring. The reason in just about every culture, rings are put on to symbolize marriage between a couple. Rings have been around for ages. Unlike timepieces, they do not serve a purpose, but when put on on the left ring finger, they are doing send out a signal about a man’s marriage status. Wedding rings used to be produced out of just gold or even platinum. In fact, it was not until recently that wedding ring creative designers began to experiment with the idea of making use of alternative metals. One of the very first alternative metals was titanium. The metal was valued for its light-weight, white color and strength. It is used for many other types of jewellery, not just rings. Only less than five years ago, tungsten carbide – a comparatively unknown metal to the general public : suddenly exploded in popularity. It now comprises 20% of just about all men’s wedding ring sales in North America. Men’s tungsten wedding groups are valued for their extreme firmness. They are four times more difficult than titanium and have a significant weight that men like. Tungsten is so hard that only a gemstone or sapphire can scratch this. Tungsten is also very affordable. If you need to stick to a precious metal ring, but may want to pay through your nose to get a gold or platinum ring, palladium may be the way to go. Palladium rings appear and act just like platinum due to the fact both these metals are from the exact same family of metals, the Platinum Group Metals. Palladium, however , is all about 70% less expensive than platinum bands. Many jewelers only deal with a couple of select metals.

3. Earring(s)

Traditionally for females, the earring is now accepted simply by society for men. Some men use one earring and some wear 2. Men that have traditional jobs within an office setting are often discouraged through wearing earrings or not allowed to put them on by company policy. Although, much less popular as a man’s gift, jewelry are here to stay as men’s jewellery.

4. Bracelets

Although less popular compared to watches, bracelets are a piece of jewelry many men wear. Men’s anklet bracelets used to be made of heavier and much more expensive metals such as gold, yet alternative metals are becoming increasingly popular. The variety of materials used for necklaces are more varied than for bands or watches, and many of options not even metals. There are anklet bracelets made of wooden beads, carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, and ceramics, as well as stainless steel plus titanium. Frequently, they incorporate several of the above mentioned materials.

5. Necklaces

Necklaces were worn by more guys in the past than today. Men that wear necklaces tend to wear only one. In the past there was a higher inclination to wear multiple necklaces. Multiple bracelets can be viewed as tacky or “slimy” these days, and as such many men today avoid putting on multiple necklaces.

6. Pendants

Men have got mostly switched from wearing bracelets to wearing pendants. Pendants may be used to show a man’s religious trust or just to express oneself. The most typical pendant to wear is the cross, within countless variations, and much like anklet bracelets, pendants which were mostly made of gold in the past are now being made in all types of metallic and non-metallic components. Some men wear pendants along with necklaces, while others choose to wear their particular pendants around their neck using a modest black leather cord.

7. Cuff Links

Commonly referred to as men’s add-ons, cuff links are actually jewelry that will men wear without thinking could possibly be there just keep shirt cuffs buttoned, right? Cufflinks are most often put on in an office setting where a lot more professional dress is required. They create great Father’s Day gifts or even birthday gifts. They are usually produced of stainless steel or in some cases titanium. Gold is used, but is much less common.

8. Money Clip

Men that like to show they have higher standing, or at least the appearance of high standing, tend to use money clips. With credit cards beings so ubiquitous, lots of men do not have cash in their pockets, which usually defeats the purpose of a cash clip. The clip part of the money clip is typically made of stainless steel and if there is a decorative component on the clip it can be made of silver, gold or some other kind of material. Money clips are often given on the same occasions as cuff links.

9. Fountain Pens

Designer water fountain pens can cost anywhere from a few 100 dollars to tens of countless numbers of dollars, and tend to be presents that companies give to their man and female executives. They may also be given to friends or spouses. In today’s high tech world, writing along with pens is less common : even signatures can be electronic today. The fountain pen is becoming a lot more of a piece of jewelry than the usual functional item.

10. Key Chains

Key chains are a jewelry item utilized to perform a function more than jewelry. For this reason, few key stores are made of expensive metals. Most are made of stainless steel, leather or even titanium. This is a gift which is popular for Father’s Day or even birthdays, particularly from a son or daughter.

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