▶ Rolex Daytona: Two Tone Yellow Gold/Steel, blue vs. full Rosegold, black – COMPARISON

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Hi, Swiss watch lovers. Today, we are going to compare the two-tone and gold Daytona. Bam, here they are! Side-by-side, you can see one is two-toned, meaning, gold and steel, and the other is all gold. To my right is yellow gold, to my left it’s gold and steel. The one on the right is retailing at $37,450, the one on the left is retailing at $17,900. We’re gonna see what the differences are, and try to see ’em side-by-side. Obviously, as you see on my left-hand side, the steel and gold has gold going down the center and it’s high polished with a brushed steel on the left. The reason for that is it’s a two-toned watch. Some of the people say that the benefit of having a two-toned watch is that it’s more durable, and I believe them because, you see this one on the right, it’s all gold. Gold, obviously, is softer and it’s more prone to being stretched, to being dinged, it’s just not steel.

The one on the left, since the gold is in the center, then the outside gets more dinged and can withstand a bit more abuse than the gold. But, you’ll see, they pretty much look the same everywhere, the difference being just that one is gold and steel and the other is just all gold. You’ll notice, actually, the tachymeter looks slightly different on the gold one then it does on the gold and steel. It has, on the rose gold, it has a slightly different tachymeter. You see right here, at the 55, 50, and 60, has this arrow, and that arrow proceeds on down even into, right there, at the 6 o’clock where it says 120, 130, 140. It has this extra arrow that goes all the way around, and it doesn’t do that on the gold and steel. So that’s slightly different as well. Both of these watches are gonna come with, let’s see how many links. The gold one’s gonna come with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. 12 links on the gold one. The gold and steel is gonna come with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12.

So, they both come with 12 links from the factory. I believe the gold links are like $750 and the gold and steel are gonna be a couple 100 dollars. Now, the gold one, of course, is gonna have the gold hallmarks on them because it’s gold. Let me show you where those hallmarks are gonna be. Right on the case, you see there where my finger is? They have the hallmarks, but the steel one, it being steel, does not have that, as you can see here. On the clasps, since the clasps are steel, it’s not gonna have that either, but on the gold one, it is gonna have that.

Do you see right where my thumb is pointing, all those hallmarks? Those are gold hallmarks. Let’s take a look at these two watches on the wrist. That’s the gold one on the wrist, now I’m gonna put the gold and steel one right next to that, and you can decide which one you like. Here it is, the gold and steel and the rose gold. I bet you’re curious how much these things weigh. The gold one, I already know from experience, weighs about 110 grams. So, let’s take a look here how much that weighs. Alright there it is, 106 grams, 107 grams. What do you think the two-toned weighs? I’m gonna guess it weighs around 90. 70, man, it’s almost the same as the stainless steel. Alright, well, then there you have it. It weighs 70 grams. Anyhow, here they are side-by-side. Thanks for tuning in, I’m glad you’re watching. If you like any of these watches and wanna see more, more reviews on cool Swiss watches, subscribe to our channel, click right below. You can also visit and see these watches in high-definition and purchase these watches at jaztime.com.

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